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Lasrger Gravel
River Rock

Sized Rock

$35 - $50 per Ton

Coverage Sized Rock 20-30% Fines
1/2" Santa Fe Brown
•• 3/4" Coronado Brown
1/2" Coronado Brown
3/8" Coronado Brown
•• 3/4" Desert Brown
1/2" Desert Brown
1/4" Desert Brown
5/8" Apache Brown
1/2" Santa Fe Gold
1/2"-3/4" Desert Gold
3/8" Desert Gold
1/2"-3/4" Wildcat Red
•• 3/4" Apache Red
1/2" Apache Red
1/4" Apache Red
3/8" Kilauea Pink
1/2" Kilauea Pink
•• 3/4" Kilauea Pink
1/2" Tucson Rose
•• 3/4" Yavapai
1/2" Yavapai
3/8" Yavapai
1/2" Walker Rainbow

• Material Covers Approximately 200 sq. ft.

•• Material Covers Approximately 150 sq. ft.



~$15 per 10' length

Includes 4 stakes per length

10X4X1/8" Steel (Green)


Boulders range in size from about 1’ x 1’ up to and over 5’ x 5’. Every cubic foot of the boulder weighs about 100 pounds. So a 2’x2’x2’ (Length times width times depth in feet = cubic feet) boulder would weigh about 800 pounds.


¢5-¢10 per lb.

Coronado Brown
Apache Red

Sand, Gravel, & Soils

Organic gardening and organic fertilizer improves the soil and allows for better absorption of water and water-holding capacity. Soils that have organic matter provide beneficial nutrients to plants. It is important to improve soils prior to seeding or sodding. Pioneer carries a variety of soils and soil mixes. Be sure you are familiar with those that are sold by the cubic yard, and those sold by the ton. Typically fill dirt and topsoil are sold by the ton and weigh about 1.3 tons per yard. Soil mixes vary in weight depending upon moisture content and upon which materials are used in the soil mix.

Top Soil

Normally the top 6" to 12" growing medium of earth has about 5 to 10 percent organics; hence the dark color. Topsoil provides a good growing media for any plants. It usually needs fortification with compost, manure or peat moss, which provides both fertilization and water retention.

Most stores sell screened and unscreened topsoil. Unscreened is normally referred to as "Fill Dirt". It will normally contain soil chunks or clods, and some rock. Screened topsoil is processed through a screening/shredding plant. This process removes most clumps and rock.

$15-$30 per Ton;

Planting Mix, Compost, Chat sold per/yrd. $25-30$

4-Ton Minimum Order on Sand & Gravel

Mortar Sand
Concrete Sand
Screened Fill - Floor Fill
Ideal Mix
Pea Gravel
1/2" Gray
Top Soil (screened)
Planting Mix

Decomposed Granite

$20-$30 per Ton

Material Covers Approximately 150 sq ft.

-Note- D.G has up to 70%-75% flaws

1/4" Minus Desert Gold
1/2" Minus Desert Gold
1/4" Minus Wildcat Red
1/4" Minus Yavapai
1/4" Minus Apache Red
1/4" Minus Desert Brown

Salt River Rock

$30-$40 per Ton

Coverage Salt River Rock
150 sq. ft. 1/2" - 3/4" (when available)
100 sq. ft. 3/4" - 1 1/2"
80 sq. ft. 1 1/2" - 3"
50 sq. ft. 3" - 6"
30 sq. ft. 6" - 16"
Above Coverage figured at 1 1/2" - 2" depth

Rip Rap

Rip Rap is a generalized term used for larger material used for river runs and erosion control. Most material colors are available in Rip Rap sizes ranging from 2” to 4” all the way up to 8” to 16”. Rip Rap also refers the larger sizes of Natural River Rock.


$25-$35 per Ton

-Note- Rock is Screened but may contain 20% - 30% fines.

1 1/2" - 3" Coronado Brown
3" - 6" Coronado Brown
4" - 8" Coronado Brown
4" - 12" Coronado Brown
6" - 16" Coronado Brown
6" - 16" Limestone
1 1/2" Limestone (Leach Rock)

Please purchase all of your rock at one time due to color variations in the vein of the mine.


Same Day Delivery Availible
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